Unlock Your Glutes Review – Detailed Summary

It is not a myth that your glutes are the most powerful muscle in your body and they are mostly misunderstood by the fitness trainers. They are the engines that support every back and lower body movement by delivering raw power and strength. This can only happen when they are working properly. They are just like the engine of a muscle car. With all that raw power at your disposal to unleash, you still can’t get past 30 on a highway. No worries there, to resolve that issue and unlock the full potential of your glutes, today we will discuss Unlock Your Glutes Review program that can help you resolve this matter.

You can perform better, faster and stronger when you find a way to release the full potential of your glutes and change the outcome to your advantage. You can be the owner of healthy, beautiful and strong butts if you trained them in a right way. In this program you will be trained in how to make your glutes strong by working the right way.

There are many reasons and various health conditions that will make you the owner of a weak glutes. These conditions can be lower back pain, hamstring strain, muscle imbalance or many other related issues. Some recent health research one of the major reason for weak glutes can be a long term injury.

Unlock Your Glutes Review is a program designed to make your glutes stronger. With stronger glutes you can throw farther, run faster or jump higher. This program is created by a certified and well experienced strength/conditioning coach Brian Klepacki. The reviews about this program by its users are sold but that is not everything. So we dig the net deeper and gather the pros, cons and some other important information about this program for you to consider before you buy it.

About the Author Brian Klepacki

Unlock Your Glutes Review is created by a very famous professional in health and fitness industry, Brian Klepacki also known as Coach Brian. Brian is well qualified in strength and conditional, also he holds a master degree in exercise science. Brian is a functional movement specialist. He only acquired this title in the exercise industry by training countless professional and nonprofessionals for over 16 years. He has showcased his expertise in training Olympians, NFL players, strength camp and many more.

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About Unlock Your Glutes Review

The most powerful muscle in your body are your glutes, which need to be worked correctly to unlock their true power and this program is just the thing to do so as its name suggest. It is scientifically proven that glutes are the main source of power and activation behind every move you make through your back or lower body. Unlock Your Glutes Review program will explain how these engines work and how you can boost their performance to their maximum potential.

As soon as you unlock the maximum potential of your glutes, you will be able to maximize your efforts in training. Also this will help you become stronger and healthier. As a bonus you will be able to shape your butt in a beautiful way.

You must understand that your glutes are the powerhouse which provide energy and movement to all your basic activities like sitting, standing, stepping, climbing and jumping. So if you want to perform well in your physical activities then you must strengthen your glutes first. To achieve that status you are not required to do hundreds of lunges or squats per day. Unlock Your Glutes Review will not only teach you to stop doing all these intense and tiring exercises but also what to replace with them.


Unlock Your Glutes Review is divided into many sections so that you can easily and successfully perform all the workouts in it. The list of these chapters is;

Main Manual Of Unlock Your Glutes Review

  • Workout guide and charts
  • Exercise definitions with pictures.
  • Instructions through clear audio and video of each workout and movement.
  • Special workout for legs.
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You will also receive this as a bonus:

  • A 14 day rapid fat loss diet plan.

To prove the full faith of its author in this program’s Unlock Your Glutes Review effectiveness, he is also offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

How Unlock Your Glutes Review Works

This Unlock Your Glutes Review is designed make your glutes beautiful and strong through a workout routine that you have to perform twice a week for at least for week’s span. You will see a great deal of improvement in your Butt’s shape and strength in this period of time with only 15 minutes workout per day.

Unlock Your Glutes Review will teach you following:

  • It will teach you 36 special movements that will target your glutes and sculpture it into a powerful, shapely butt.
  • You will learn the false truths about the long gym workouts and how to build your backside. It will teach you where to focus your energy to save your time and get maximum results.
  • You will learn all about the glutes developing barriers, that how to fix them and reactive your glutes.
  • It will take your glutes training to the next level by explaining all about Hip Thrust Exercise. This exercise is the key to achieve strong, round butts.
  • You will also learn the science of GM3 method of waking up and priming your butts. Unlock Your Glutes Review includes exercises to release the restrained muscle group, there strength, build muscle and also burn body fat.

Let’s review some of the pros and cons of Unlock Your Glutes Review.

Pros of Unlock Your Glutes Review

  • It is a well written step by step program in easy to understand language.
  • You will get videos with this guide to understand each exercise better.
  • The author Brian Klepacki is a well known and certified professional with over 16 year of experience in fitness industry.
  • This is by far the most affordable program when we compare it with other glutes shaping programs in the market.
  • You will need only 15 minutes of your daily routine to perform it.
  • This Unlock Your Glutes Review is designed to work both men and women of all ages.
  • It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
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Cons of Unlock Your Glutes Review

  • You have to be fully committed and punctual to get the best results.
  • You must consult with your doctor before starting with program if you have a serious back, leg or hip injury in the past.
  • Unlock Your Glutes Review is a digital product which requires you to download it through internet. If you prefer to work with a physical book then you have to print it yourself.

Conclusion Of Unlock Your Glutes Review

In the end we must remind you that we have gone through many reviews of the persons who have already used this program and found almost all of them positive. That include men and women of different age, which mean Unlock Your Glutes Review program really works. He author of this program is a well trained and experienced professional.

Unlock Your Glutes Review is an amazing product which can make your glutes stronger and more beautiful than before. Thousands of individuals have achieved their goal of having beautiful round butt by following this program. This guide is based on scientifically tested methods that will help you build strong and beautiful glutes without performing long hard exercises.

Finally Unlock Your Glutes Review is cheap and comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you really want to shape your glutes and look better in front of other then we recommend you this program. Also there is no harm in testing it because after using it you still feel that this program is not for you then you can get your full money back within 60 days no questions asked.