Use off-road tires as all-season tires?

off-road tires

Use off-road tires as all-season tires?

If you often drive your SUV or off-road vehicle in impenetrable areas of mud, sand or even gravel, you may often ask yourself whether your off-road tires are also suitable as all-season tires for everyday use.

Since the question cannot be answered that easily, we have set out to find an answer for you.

Worth knowing about off-road tires
An off-road tire is not just an off-road tire. A distinction is made between the following variants:

The street terrain that demonstrates low off-road capability and is used when there is a high proportion of road
All-Terrain is the all-rounder of the four variants, used in equal proportions of on-road and off-road riding
If there is a lot of terrain, the mud terrain is the best choice because it can withstand mud and rocks as well as stones. In contrast to the others, Boggers or Super Swampers have special shovels and studs that are ideal for use in very rough terrain.

So if we take a closer look at the wide variety, we can see immediately that both the Mud Terrain tire and the Super Swampers/Boggers are not made for everyday use, as they are intended for driving through difficult terrain.

Ultimately, we still have the street-terrain and all-terrain tires , which are suitable for everyday use and therefore as all-season tires.

Even if we have now ruled out two out of four variants of off-road tires, we still do not have a clear answer to the question of whether we can and may use our off-road tires as all-season tires.

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The off-road tire in the test – you have to pay attention to that!
The basic rule is that off-road tires can only be used as all-season tires if the winter tire requirement is also met. If you can find the snowflake symbol on your tire, then at least you know that your tires are also suitable for driving on snow and ice.

Even if we now know which criteria must be met in order to use the tire in winter, the answer is still not very satisfactory.

Types of off-road tires

That’s why we looked for tire tests for you to see whether the off-road tires kept what they promised us and came to the following conclusion:

A tire test by the Swiss trade magazine “auto-illustrated” (07/17) has shown that our off-road tires have problems in difficult conditions, such as snow, ice and rain, which we do not have with our normal summer tyres, but above all with our winter tyres find.

Above all, the longer braking distance, the lack of grip on wet roads and the increased risk of aquaplaning were the undoing of the off-road tire and made it fail as an all-season tire at the time.

Since then, tire manufacturers have attached great importance to the fact that their tires are reliable in both summer and winter and that they get us from A to B without any problems, regardless of the road surface and the weather.

On the whole, one can say that an off-road tire can be used as an all-season tire, but one should always bear in mind that one drives a little more safely with pure summer or winter tires.

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Off-road tires are constantly being optimized based on their demand and can keep up with their competition, but until then, our team wishes you a good and safe journey, regardless of whether you use your off-road tires as all-season tires or not 🙂

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