The Venus Factor Xtreme Review

Introduction :

The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Review : The Venus Factor is a complete eating guide book combined and created by John Barban a Biologist and Nutritionist. When it comes to eating, who do not like to add some flavors in that?

By keeping this theory in mind John Barban arranged his Venus factor guide with 100 different meal plans to maintain the variety according to your taste, and you can choose among them like a menu card of your favorite restaurant. Time frame of venus factor diet plan program is 3 months and the eating plan changes after every two weeks.

John also includes a parallel portion of exercise which will also last for 3 months, and for that manner a complete step by step explanations are available in the venus factor guide along with videos, pictures and the benefit of each exercise pose that you have to perform.

Exercise routines are very easy, manageable and not time consuming and you only have to perform the exercise 3 times a week. These physical routines will hit the extra fat in your body and will make your muscles strong and lean.

With the purchase of The Venus Factor weight loss program you will be connected automatically with the whole community of Venus, here you will be able to ask other people about their progress, you can share your own experience, you can get some extra help and the most important thing will be the fit personalities you will meet there, will become your encouragement.

The Venus Factor Especially For Women

The Venus Factor is specifically designed for women only to lose the weight quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Bulky things will get the perfects shapes and The Venus Factor program is organized as a changeable thing, you can customize it according to your living style, schedule and needs. According to a conducted survey this fitness program got the best positive response ratio of 86% percent.

Women anatomy is different from men, according to John Barban women can store more amounts of fats then men in the different sections of their body, the most targeted sections are hips, thighs and backsides.

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The Venus Factor weight loss program hits like a charm to these major sections of the women body and burn the overall body fat to help your body look perfectly shaped and feminine.

How The Venus Factor Diet Plan Works?

John Barban caught a very rare point that why women diet plans fail? And why they got nothing after staying hungry more than the needed? Let’s discuss the key reasons for all these failures in women weight loss programs and how Venus Factor weight loss diet plan works actually.

There is a hormone in human body called “Leptin” which can only be produced by fat cells in your body. The major functionality of this hormone in your body is to regulate your metabolism and appetite. This hormone decides when and why you feel hungry or full.

When the level of Leptin is high in our body, our brain will tell us that we are full we do not need to eat right now. On the other hand when the level of Leptin is low in our body, our brain will tell us to eat to maintain that level. Diet and weigh loss plans are actually connected with our brain.

Now we understand that Leptin is produced by fat cells in our body, so the levels of Leptin will be higher in the women with extra body fat. This is the answer of the question we raised above that why diet plan fails.

When you make a diet plan to lose weight, you definitely decrease your calorie intake, in the result the Leptin levels in your body goes down, your body thinks that your are starving and your mind tells you to eat more to maintain the level of Leptin and you do the same. This is the point where all diet plan and starving goes in vein and you will gain more weight rather than losing.

Venus Factor Not A Common Fitness Program

Leptin resistance is the major issue, because every healthy body has a lot of Leptin in a friendly manner, but if you are suffering from Leptin resistance, your levels will stay high and your brain will not be able to tell you to stop eating.

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Bio researchers are not so very sure that what are the reasons of Leptin resistance and how to take control on this completely by using some medications, but this can be changed by some little alteration in your diet and exercise, but with very care and perfect guidance, because if you make rapid changes your brain will receive a bunch of signals at the same time, and you will be distracted from your plan as always.

The Venus Factor fitness program for women is perfectly designed to tackle this problem. Diet plan in The Venus Factor book/guide will very slowly decrease your calorie intake, so your body can adjust with the new levels of Leptin very smoothly.

Diet plans are chosen very wisely with a combination of proteins and fibers which can help you to improve your Leptin resistance and the exercise plans are not hectic, because any strong and hard change in your body shape can disturb the levels of Leptin.

The Venus Factor program will not teach you anything, but it will teach your body how to burn the extra fats smoothly and efficiently.

Pros of The Venus Factor Diet Plan Book

John Barban Diet or The Venus Factor Xtreme program works 100% if you will follow the guide completely with diet plans and exercise routines, over weightiness, extra fats, unshaped body will become the story of past.

Venus Factor program mainly focuses on the causes of weight loss, you can say that The Venus Factor fitness program will not only help you to lose your weight but it will also eradicate the root causes.

It’s a promise by John Barban to all women, once you complete the program timeline of 3 months, extra fats and over weightiness will never come back.

The price of The Venus Factor is very economical, and also you do not have to buy anything else to follow the program, no extra expense at all. Everything you need to do within the program is self help and you do not need any extra tool for that.

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The ingredients of all 100 meal plans in the program are very common and you can buy those things like a common day visit to your supermarket.

If by any mean you are not satisfied with The Venus Factor weight loss program after purchasing, then no worries, you can get your money back within the 60 days of purchase without any question asked. Your full amount will be refunded to you without any a penny deducted.

With the purchase of the program you will become a member of online community, where you can ask anything from people like you. Tell your story listen to them and motivate yourself.

Cons of Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is not a very easy and quick way to lose your weight. You have to follow the diet plans strictly, no matter you like the taste or not. This program requires a very keen attention which could be stressful for some women to follow. Although diet plan are not very starving one’s.

You might have to skip some of your already booked routines, because this program requires a very concentrated interest, time and efforts. But when it’s done then you will became a super lady.

Although the exercise routine is not very hard, but it may include some difficult angles to make that could be confusing or tough, but the guide consist upon all the pictures and videos of exercise to make that thing easy for you.

You cannot miss any scheduled workout, which is 3 days a week. So you have to manage your whole week without any surprises. This could be hard for some women to spend weeks with a scheduled routine.

Final Thoughts about Venus Factor Xtreme

The Venus Factor is one of the greatest fitness programs to lose weight and get a perfect feminine shape. 86% of the users got what they want from this program; the results are very impressive and long lasting.

A very helpful revolution to make your life better, fit and happy. The Venus Factor program is already very famous among women, because every woman deserves to live a confident life.