Weak pelvic floor affects all age groups


Weak pelvic floor affects all age groups

Gynecologist Eva Lehner-Rothe on the consequences of an untrained pelvic floor.

How do I know if I have a weak pelvic floor?

Eva : The question about the pelvic floor should be part of the basic anamnesis of a gynecological check -up . The patients are asked: Are there problems with urinating or a prolapse of the uterus? Do you have any difficulties during sex?

At what age should women start looking after their pelvic floor?

It affects all age groups except for teenagers, but from the point where the topic of pregnancy is discussed, it usually becomes topical. Many women have naturally weak connective tissue and the predisposition to it. Due to the alternating hormonal changes, the pelvic floor also becomes an issue for women who have never had problems or children. If the estrogen, which is responsible for blood circulation, decreases, the tissue and muscles also become slack.

What difficulties arise during sex?

Many women experience pelvic floor weakness after childbirth and no longer have the pleasurable sexuality they had before. It is important to tell women that countermeasures can be taken.

What are the benefits of training aids?

The women get a more conscious access to where the pelvic floor is at all. With these aids you can feel it better and learn to activate it consciously. All in all, a healthy pelvic floor is responsible for much more than continence and good sex.

What can happen if you ignore your pelvic floor for years?

The uterus can descend. The cervix is ??at the end of the vagina, and when the uterus pushes from above, prolapsed conditions can occur. In extreme cases, the cervix can even look out of the vagina. This is not only uncomfortable and painful, but also affects the quality of life enormously.

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Can any stage of pelvic floor weakness be improved with exercise?

You can’t correct real sinking conditions with just training. It’s always worth trying, but sometimes you have to surgically fix it. A net is usually anchored in the direction of the coccyx, which keeps the uterus and the organs where they belong.

Can the pelvic floor be overtrained?

Definitely not through self-training. Excessively tense pelvic floor can cause problems for female riders or top athletes. The pelvic floor reacts to stress like every muscle in the body and can therefore also be tense. Therefore, these women should definitely learn to relax the pelvic floor as part of the birth preparation.

Is exercise advisable as preparation for childbirth?

Yes! There are many women who suffer from bladder weakness during pregnancy. It is important for pregnant women to know how to contract and relax their pelvic floor, as this is crucial for a good birth. To relax the pelvic floor during a contraction

you have to know how to actively influence and relax it.

Can it be too late to exercise?

It’s never too late to start pelvic floor exercises

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