Weird things happen to your body while you sleep


Weird things happen to your body while you sleep

Sleep fulfills several important functions for our body: It strengthens the immune system, improves our brain performance and our memory, increases our energy level and well-being and is the time in which our muscles regenerate .

So far, so well known. Because the body also uses our rest period for some horrible things – and no, we’re not talking about the occasional fart that we get by while we sleep.

1. Your mouth is flooded with bacteria

The world of the mouth in general, and saliva in particular, is a pretty spooky affair. The purpose of saliva, both when you are awake and when you are asleep, is to spread bacteria around your mouth that keep it hygienic.

During sleep, however, the level of saliva in the mouth increases due to the interrupted swallowing reflex, which can lead to the well-known saliva stains. In other cases, particularly those of us who sleep with our mouth open due to our sleeping position or a stuffy nose, the saliva dries, meaning the bacteria spreads throughout the mouth and onto the tongue as well – the cause of the infamous morning breath.

2. You experience complete muscle paralysis

As a normal part of the REM (“Rapid Eye Movement”) sleep phase, people fall into what is known as sleep paralysis , a natural paralysis of the skeletal muscles. The reason: protection for the body. It prevents dreamed movements from actually being performed. When you wake up, the paralysis disappears immediately, most of us don’t even notice it. However, it can happen that one experiences the paralysis consciously, usually just before falling asleep or after waking up.

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3. Your eyes produce discharge

No, the “sleep” we get in the corner of our eyes in the morning isn’t fairy dust or sandman sand. In fact, it’s a collection of oil, dust, mucus, and other ingredients that keep our eyes clean throughout the day. And the nocturnal secretions are a good sign for the health of our eyes: Too much or a change in consistency or color indicates infections or allergies.

4. Your limbs jerk uncontrollably

Your arms and legs do weird things all night: Periodically twitching as you enter deep sleep (some of us even wake up from the kicks and kicks). Others of us are familiar with the ailment called “Restless Leg Syndrome” where the legs can’t stay still.

5. But contrary to legend, there is one thing we don’t do when we sleep: eat spiders

“Each of us eats seven/ten/fifteen spiders a year in our sleep” – who hasn’t heard this urban legend in several variants? The truth is: humans are unlikely to eat spiders in their sleep. Because the spider itself has little interest in the human face or crawling over it, and also avoids large, warm, and snoring bodies at night.

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