What are the advantages of an alkaline diet?


What are the advantages of an alkaline diet?

Today, we receive so much disparate information about nutrition and health from books, magazines, and the internet that many of us often don’t even know how to start eating healthy . Especially with a conscious change in diet, we look for foods that are good for our body. In this context, alkaline nutrition is brought into play again and again.

We will explain to you exactly what this diet is all about, what advantages you can draw from it and which foods are “allowed”.

What is an alkaline diet?
Healthy eating with special consideration for the acid-base balance – that is what, in a nutshell, is what an alkaline diet is all about. One tries to primarily eat foods that supply the body with bases so that it can maintain the acid-base balance.

This includes vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, nuts and sprouts. Foods such as meat, dairy products, sugar or grains can acidify the body and thus weaken it, which is why people tend to avoid it.

Is a healthy lifestyle important to you? Would you rather stay healthy than worry about your illnesses at some point? Then you are right here!

What are the advantages of an alkaline diet and what should you pay attention to?
Foodstuffs such as various types of vegetables (e.g. spinach, kale, pumpkin), seeds or nuts are metabolised by the body and have a certain advantage: They stimulate purification and have a positive effect on intestinal health .

With this type of diet, the dishes should ideally be freshly prepared, because they then contain a particularly large number of basic minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

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What is “acidification” and how can it damage our health?
In addition to “sour” foods such as meat or dairy products, stress, lack of exercise or nicotine can also lead to acidification in our body, which means that the pH value in our body is out of balance and there are too many acids present. This often manifests itself in (chronic) fatigue, gastrointestinal complaints, skin problems, obesity, muscle and joint painor headache.

An alkaline diet can help alleviate these symptoms and bring the acid-base balance back into natural balance.

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