What does it mean when you dream that your partner is cheating on you?


What does it mean when you dream that your partner is cheating on you?

Do you know that feeling? You wake up and at first you are not sure if that was just a dream or reality? And you are angry. Because in your dream your partner cheated on you. You have been deceived, lied to and maybe even had to watch in the dream how he*she had sex with another person. And yes, of course, it’s just a dream. But how could his*her dream self?

Of course, this dream says a lot more about you and your feelings than the second person. Because our brain uses dreams to process things that concern us. So what does it mean when you dream that he*she is cheating on you? Do you have too little trust? Lauri Quinn Loewenberg , a dream analyst, tells Bustle that cheating is one of the top five dreams her clients report. And she recommends taking a good look at the dream, as it can reveal problems in the relationship that you might not even be aware of during the day.

She describes dreams as the second brain, which is more honest than the waking brain and which definitely tells you what is right and wrong. She knows some possible interpretations of the dream:

you feel insecure
Not sure if your relationship will work? Are you afraid of losing or are you not getting what you need from him/her to feel safe? This is where a conversation should start! Explain how you feel and what exactly triggers this insecurity. Then you can discuss together how you can reduce those feelings and what you need from each other to make you feel better.

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You have been cheated on in the past
If you were cheated on in a past relationship, this dream makes sense because you might be afraid that the same thing will happen to you again. But that says nothing about the stability or security of the new relationship. This could be safe and stable and your fears could still be there because you don’t want the experiences to repeat themselves.

On the other hand, the dream can also be a good sign. It can mean that you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your ex-spouse cheated on you and your brain has finally processed it.

There is a third wheel on the cart
In this case, cheating is just a metaphor for someone or something standing between you. It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner, it can also be a good friend, a job or a new dog. The dream says that someone or something else is getting attention from your partner that you would actually like to have. You feel lonely or rejected, your relationship is not balanced right now. Again, you should talk to your partner about your loneliness. Targeted dates and extra time together might be just what you need to make you feel more loved.

You are afraid of loss
Dreams about cheating can also indicate that you are afraid of loss. Maybe you’re worried that your partner will leave you for someone else. You may also worry that if this relationship fails, you won’t know where to turn or find comfort. A visit to a psychologist could help you explore and overcome your fear of loss. You should also talk to your partner about it.

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you feel betrayed
Dreams about cheating can also appear after other types of betrayal. Think about any disputes or misunderstandings you’ve had recently. The message of the dream could be that you feel cheated of understanding, good communication or respect by your partner. Once you talk about it and officially meet eye to eye, you’ll find that kind of dream goes away.

You haven’t defined your relationship yet
Cheating dreams can happen at any stage of a relationship, but if they occur early in a relationship, it may be because you don’t feel secure yet, as you may not know how he/she feels about you. Maybe you haven’t defined the relationship yet, or you’re not sure how seriously your partner takes your relationship. If you keep having dreams about cheating, then you obviously care more than you want to admit that you don’t have a label. speak up

You are unfaithful yourself
This isn’t necessarily about having sex with someone else. Because in that case you would probably be aware that you were unfaithful. Instead, it could be that you’re having an emotional affair, are attracted to someone else, or have a big secret from your partner. Dreaming about cheating can mean that deep down you realize that these actions are a way of cheating on your partner.

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