What does the mobility of the future look like?

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What does the mobility of the future look like?

Climate and environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient technologies are of great importance to the population today. The interest in alternatives to classic means of transport is increasing and the demands on mobility are constantly changing. We therefore asked ourselves how we will move in the future and which modern possibilities we can already use now.

Electromobility – means of transport of the future?

Battery powered vehicles! – Electric vehicles are currently experiencing a veritable boom in the automotive industry and are shaping the future of mobility. But not all electric cars are the same. There is much more behind it, which we will soon compile for you. But what can be said so far is that the range of the batteries, their charging options and the safety of the vehicles are still a major obstacle to alternatives to petrol or diesel vehicles and are constantly being improved.

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Autonomous driving – when the driver becomes a passenger!
Cars that drive without human intervention with the help of cameras, radar or ultrasonic sensors are among the autonomously driving vehicles. However, since potential consumers and politicians still give too much thought to the safety of road users and the reliability of the technology, the possibilities of autonomous driving are limited to semi-autonomous systems installed in vehicles.

An example of this is the autopilot functionality that comes with every new Tesla. The built-in feature aims to enable automatic steering, acceleration and braking in a lane that requires the driver to actively monitor vehicle operation. However, Tesla isn’t the only maker of semi-autonomous vehicles or vehicles primed for the future of autonomous driving. Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo offer semi-autonomous or even autonomous vehicles in the form of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, which represent the future of autonomous driving and are being extensively tested and further developed.

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Even the Google company has developed a “self-driving car” that is already approved in California and is now being further developed by the company Waymo.

Although the future of autonomous driving is not imminent, we think the idea behind it is great! Because with the help of autonomously driving vehicles, the developers want to reduce the number of traffic jams and accidents and initiate an increase in resource efficiency and safety, since human error in road traffic should no longer play a role.

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