What goals can we set for our relationship in 2022?


What goals can we set for our relationship in 2022?

It’s February and many of us have already ditched our “New Year, New Me” resolutions and accepted that we don’t necessarily have to be the best version of ourselves in the third calendar year of a pandemic. But what is the right time now is to work on the relationship or to put more focus on it. Because if you think a relationship isn’t work, you’ve probably never had a relationship. We have a few ideas for goals to set for your relationship this year that we hope don’t lose sight of as quickly as New Year’s resolutions.

Find a common hobby
It is super important that in a relationship everyone stays themselves. That means your own hobbies, your own friends, your own time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of your time together. If you have a common hobby, that connects you as a couple. You create memories together, you get a break from the constant Netflix and dining out, and you have a topic of conversation forever. Find something you both like and do it together. Be it pub quizzes, dance classes, surfing or painting classes.

Plan a date night at least once a week
Especially couples who have been together for a long time or live together tend not to explicitly make time for each other. You see each other anyway. And so it sometimes happens that the relationship feels more like a one-bedroom apartment than a romantic relationship.

Consciously take the time to go on dates with each other. Of course you see each other in your pajamas all day long in your home office, but dress up nicely and go for a drink, something to eat, or for a walk. Sit across from each other in a restaurant and consciously look at each other while you wait for the appetizer. It makes such a difference!

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And if you’re the one who always has to organize everything: Make a surprise variant out of it. Each week, one of you plans the evening and doesn’t tell the second person what’s planned. This adds to the tension and excitement.

Four of you have a date
It makes sense as a couple to be friends with another couple. And not just because it’s always good to have friends, but because it can also enrich your couple dynamic. Psychologist Kathleen Holtz Deal told Bustle , “When people see how their partners interact with other people, it seems to give them a new perspective, like, ‘Look, other people like him or her too!’ You see things that make you value your partner more than you do in everyday life at home.”

Take a break and drive away
Yes we know we are in the third year of a pandemic and that makes planning or vacations and especially vacation planning not that easy. BUT it’s definitely good for you to get out of the familiar environment and spend time together.

Because when you spend your holidays at home, there is always something to do. Be it the laundry that you could quickly hang up or that one email to the insurance company that you could write right now. And that means: you are not focused on yourself and probably experience less together.

As a COVID-safe option, you can also always plan a vacation close to you by affording a fancy hotel room, an Airbnb , or even camping nearby. A change of scenery and shared experiences are never a bad idea.

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Make something big out of something unimportant
make it official And by that we don’t mean your relationship, but the small things that you do in your everyday life and that bring you joy. For example: If you’re a big film fan, you could plan a festival of foreign films or ten nights out for two with old Hollywood classics.

It could even be as simple as picking a series that none of you have seen and that you watch on a specific night each week. Outlander – Wednesday for example. Either way, you can turn the things you already do together into special events to look forward to.

Plan small surprises for 2022
Try to plan little surprises for each other throughout the year. This is a good way to consider each other’s language of love. Whether it’s concert tickets for your favorite band or doing the laundry for him/her and putting it away, any surprising gesture can show your partner that you care.

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