What is Digital Marketing?


What is Digital Marketing?

Only a person who has come into contact with digital marketing more than once can tell how effective and productive it is for a business. Using the simplest tactics and complex digital marketing strategies, you can achieve results that are impossible in traditional marketing. Although many continue to believe that this is one and the same. Beginners, on the contrary, often experience real fear, stepping on an unknown path in the field of digital product promotion.

It should be remembered in any case that digital marketing is:

a giant step to success in any business;
completely innovative approach to the client;
new tactics, strategies based on a deeper understanding of user behavior on the network and in the market.
Print advertising, direct mail, radio advertising and much more is gradually fading into the background. These methods are already outdated, without having the proper impact on increasing sales and traffic. The flagship is increasingly held precisely by digital marketing.

Definition of Digital Marketing

The official definition says that digital marketing is an action aimed at promoting and directly selling goods or services using special tactics of the so-called online marketing. It covers three main areas of product promotion:

social media marketing ;
search engine marketing ;
email marketing .

It is always interactive and aimed at a specific segment of the customer base. It can be said that the digital version is all the same marketing, but it necessarily includes customer feedback or standard two-way interaction between the company and customers.

No need to confuse digital and internet marketing. If the latter advertisements are placed only on the Internet, then the digital version involves interactive interaction with potential customers via smartphones, phones, video games and various mobile applications, even on the subway platform.

Real digital marketing assumes that the client can be reached anywhere in the space, wherever he is. Therefore, the basic rule of digital marketing focuses on three points:

the right sentence;
at the right time;
in a clearly defined place.

Wherever a potential customer is, you can always contact him today. The main thing is to choose the right wording, time and a suitable place. Using digital marketing, you can quickly attract the attention of the right target audience, increase interest in the proposed service or product, and stimulate sales growth. Marketers have long noted the high efficiency of a new type of promotion of goods and services and are actively developing this area of ​​activity.

Key Digital Marketing Channels

Digital marketing works by creating specific points of interactivity or interaction on various digital channels in order to build productive relationships with potential customers. These points help to get acquainted with the proposed product and create the necessary confidence field in which the client matures for the acquisition. He gradually born the desire to buy exactly your product. Users are gradually learning to listen to your advice and recommendations, becoming not only loyal customers, but also friends.

The main channels for building strong ties with the target audience:

Internet Marketing;
PPC advertising (pay per click) ;
content marketing ;
Email marketing
promotion in social networks;
affiliate internet marketing ;
video marketing.

When you understand digital marketing — that this is a fairly simple and unusually effective way to quickly bring sales to a high level, expand your customer base and receive a steady increase in traffic — you begin to try to constantly stay on the crest of a wave. Each channel is an ocean of unique opportunities, periodically expanding.

Online marketing companies – one of the powerful tools of Internet marketing. Fast, affordable and mobile website allows not only to familiarize users with the product and brand, but also to retain potential customers. Paid advertising increases the reach of the target audience, conveniently segmenting it. Content marketing with a convenient set of webinars, podcasts, blogs, e-books, infographics and online courses “educates” its client. Funnels for attracting customers through email messages are increasingly gaining popularity.

Brand recognition and the formation of social trust without the development of social networks is unthinkable today. The most popular social networks are also used as direct sales channels. Affiliate programs allow you to connect other websites and forums to the promotion of your product. And about the videos of the most different directions, you can not even mention. The visual moving line in a short and simple format advertises a product much more productively than any other type of advertising.

Why the future is in digital marketing

Familiar to all, marketing has always involved enormous resources of time and effort. It was difficult to follow the process of implementation, promotion and sale of goods. And he, of course, was very expensive. In contrast, digital marketing is simple, affordable and extremely effective. You can use several channels at once to build communication links with potential customers. You can communicate with them online, which allows you not only to quickly dispel all kinds of doubts about the product, but also to promptly answer questions of interest, building the necessary trust.

Now you do not need mass mailings and tons of print runs, usually leaving in the bin. It is enough to create an advertising campaign , send it on the day of creation and immediately begin to monitor the effectiveness of its implementation. The necessary changes are introduced immediately, making it even more high-quality and effective.

It is digital marketing that allows you to become transparent, and therefore worth the trust of the company for real customers. You will never be transferred to the category of “cold and indifferent to the consumer” organization. And loyal customers will begin to independently advertise your products.

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