What does Glamping mean?

What is glamping camping? or What does glamping mean? Habitual comfort inside and wild reality outside

Camping can be much more comfortable.
A century ago, travelers from America and Europe conquered the African continent. They loved exciting safaris and learning about the local culture. During their trip, travelers did not want to live like local savages, so noble tourists stocked up with a lot of things in order to create for themselves a small comfortable corner in the bosom of nature.

Sports camps are a vacation for those who cannot imagine a day without training

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The experience of travelers of the last century is not forgotten. Only now it’s called glamping, and huge hiking bags are not needed.

What is Glamping?

The word “glamping” first appeared in the UK in the early 2000s. It was formed as a result of the merger of two English words glamor and camping – which means glamorous camping.

Glamping is one of the ecotourism destinations and includes an organized and comfortable stay in the bosom of wild nature with elements of the “luxury” of the hotel: a double bed, furniture, kitchen utensils, a shower and a toilet.

Glampings provide an opportunity to wake up in cozy warmth on a bed with snow-white linen to the singing of birds, enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Their owners try to create the most comfortable conditions for guests.

Such a vacation is intended for those who are not averse to living in solitude with nature, but at the same time do not want to go hiking and can afford a top-class vacation away from the high rhythm of a big city.

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What types of Glamping are there?

Each glamping is unique in its design and presentation.

Bell tent is a tent made from natural cotton. The main bearing element of the tent is the central pole. Since the material is breathable, it is not hot to be in it in the warm season. If necessary, you can unzip the bottom of the tent to provide even more fresh air.

Safari tent – a large tent, which consists of a high wooden frame and a stretched awning. The advantage of this design is that it can be installed on any landscape.

A-Frame – wooden houses in the shape of the letter A or a triangle. More stationary, mounted on a podium. A great option for those who are not ready to live in a tent.

Yurts, wigwams, igloos, tipis are common dwellings of nomadic peoples. They have a unique, but at the same time simple design: the frame consists of bent rails and beams, over which a mat is stretched. Such housing reliably protects from bad weather conditions.

Domes – the advantage of this design is that it can be easily installed on any landscape. It also has panoramic windows. Often such domes are equipped with a bathtub on fire, which does not harm the environment and preserves nature.

Motorhomes, vintage campers, Airstreams, gypsy caravans and wagons – these designs are good because they can be moved and installed where you want. They have everything you need for a comfortable stay: soft and comfortable bedding, wardrobes, kitchen utensils and much more that provides comfort. There is a lot of space in such constructions, which allows you to relax in them with your family or a large group of friends.

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What to do on holiday in glamping?

Everything that implies relaxation for the soul and body. The main thing is to try to keep quiet, especially after 22:00, so that your rest does not interfere with others.

In winter, you can ski in the snowy forest, ride a snowmobile. And you can also return to childhood: build a fortress and arrange a snowball fight.

Not the most pleasant “surprise” can be insects. It is impossible to treat the entire territory of the camp, on which the “houses” are located, from insects. So be prepared for the fact that you have to face the little inhabitants of the wild.

Do not leave a trace behind, do not harm the earth, plants, inhabitants – this is the environmental friendliness of glamping. But you will be provided with insect repellents for sure.

The weather conditions can also be a minor disadvantage. During heavy rain, you will be limited to the space of your “room” or shared tent. But even in the rain you can find something to your liking – read a book, listen to music, play board games with friends. Or arrange a complete relaxation by choosing to sleep under the sound of rain.

It happens that in very remote glampings there is no connection. Before choosing a glamping, carefully read the reviews, clarify the conditions of residence, weigh all the pros and cons in order to provide yourself with the most comfortable vacation outside of civilization