What is Instagram Reels? How to use it?

What is Instagram Reels? How to use it?

What is Instagram Reels? How to use it?

Having different content formats, Instagram has also included TikTok’s quick discovery page, which has recently become popular, to its content formats. Continuing to incorporate the features loved by users one by one, Instagram started to shake the throne of TikTok with its Reels feature.

What is Instagram Reels?

According to data from 2019 brings a big voice in Turkey with 28.4 million users TikTok has emerged as a new feature on Instagram with Reels name the general characteristics except for a few interface differences. Instagram, which previously included ‘Stories’ and filters used in these stories by Snapchat, continues to incorporate the features that are popular in social media one by one.

Instagram Reels, whose basic logic is the same as TikTok, is a content format that allows its users to create short videos of 15 seconds and share videos that can be added to music via Instagram Music. Like IGTV content, Reels content also appears on the Explore screen. Due to these features, many TikTok users have started to share the content they share on TikTok on Reels. It is even observed that many users quit TikTok and switch to Reels. As a result of this interest in Instagram Reels, a special tab has been opened in the Instagram application for Reels with the new update. In this way, users can access Reels videos with one touch.


What are the features of Instagram Reels?

  • Ability to use all filters and effects added in the stories in Reels video
  • Ability to edit the video with the timer feature
  • Adding the desired song to the video with the Instagram Music feature
  • Ability to trim the desired part of the music to be added
  • Ability to edit video transition times with zoom feature
  • Ability to edit and upload videos recorded or selected from the gallery

How to Use Instagram Reels?

Reels have a very easy to use interface. For this:

  • Enter the Instagram application and click on the section where the story is posted.
  • Click on Reels, which you will see under the screen, and the video recording button in the window that opens. Next to Reels, you will also see the Live and Stories tabs.
  • If you have selected a video or image and upload it to Reels, you can edit the recorded video by selecting it from your gallery, add music and upload it by clicking the share button.
  • If you are going to shoot a video, you can press and hold the video recording button and you can complete the process by recording a whole video or split videos in a single video, and make your video fun with the Reels edits on the left.

If your account is not private, all Reels videos you share will be seen by all other Instagram users in the Discover and Reels section. Especially for more use of newly released reels and to attract more attention, Instagram algorithms offer reels videos to be discovered very easily. In this way, you can easily find a place in discovering yourself by creating reels videos. By creating interesting and fun reels videos, you can join a new interaction network and make your profiles more popular. If you don’t want your reels videos to be featured on Discover, you can hide your profile.

Additionally, you can share your Reels videos in your Story section. These videos can easily be found in the Reels section like IGTV on your profile. Including your reels, videos in your stories will attract more attention to your existing followers. Reels videos that fall into the page stream of your followers can be liked, commented on, and saved by your Instagram followers just like a normal post, and used as repost. Also, your followers will be able to repost your reels videos in their stories.

If you are someone who works on Instagram and produces content to gain interaction from here, Reels videos will be very useful in attracting attention to your profile and increasing traffic to your profile. With Reels videos, you can quickly gain popularity and take steps towards becoming a phenomenon.

What Are the Advantages of Using Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reel is a brand new feature created by Instagram to rival the TikTok app. Instagram has started to highlight the content created with Reels to use this feature more actively. In this way, the profiles that produced content with Instagram reels started to receive more interaction, gain space in discovery, and increase hit rates. As such, Instagram reels have reached a position that offers incredible advantages in being popular.

The fact that users who share on TikTok started to use the Reels platform gradually increased the popularity of the Reels feature and thus the interaction rates have increased significantly. You can quickly become a phenomenon thanks to Reels, which allows you to open the doors of popularity by creating 15-second videos and adding music.

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