What is Online Display Advertising?


What is Online Display Advertising?

Display advertising

Display advertising is an advertisement which, through graphic, textual and sound information, tries to influence the feelings and emotions of people and draw their attention to the advertised object. Previously, media advertising was associated with various television and radio media, but now one of the most common platforms for such advertising is the Internet.

Compared to radio and television, there are significant advantages to placing online media advertising on the Internet:

Greater reach of the target audience. You will not be able to predict who will see or hear your advertisement on TV or radio, but you can configure the demonstration of your advertisement on the Internet in accordance with the geographical, age, time, and other characteristics of users.

Advertising on the Internet can be shown specifically to potential buyers, which the search engine allocates based on the entered queries. Also, the remarketing system allows you to “catch up” with advertising those users who once showed interest in your site.

The user has the opportunity to skip ads on the Internet if it annoys them or is very intrusive.

Display Advertisement Types

Banners are static or dynamic graphic blocks. As a rule, banners do not contain a lot of useful information. Their main goal is for the user to pay attention to this ad. Therefore, in addition to the usual 2400 * 2400 pictures, there are now a ton of other banner options: stretch marks over the entire width of the page, animated banners that appear above the page contents, branded page underlay, etc.

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Video ads are videos that run before, during, or after a user begins to view video content of interest. These videos are called – preroll, midroll and postroll. Statistics show that, despite the ability to skip video ads, most users usually view it.
Audio advertising – works on the same principle as video advertising. Audio clips are embedded between or at the end of music tracks.

Text and graphic blocks are advertisements that are used as recommendations by site administrators and arouse trust among users. As a rule, it contains a phrase like “we recommend” and specific information about the advertised product.

Display advertising will allow you to promote new products and services on the market, tell the user about current promotions and discounts, create a company image and increase your brand recognition. And competent settings and placement of commercials will allow you to quickly analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and make changes to the ad units, thereby saving your advertising budget.

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