What is SEO Copywriting? Checklist for Beginners


What is SEO Copywriting? Checklist for Beginners

Sometimes a user visits a site for a specific purpose, but instead of the expected information about a product or service, sees an empty set of words. He will close the tab and, most likely, will no longer go to this site. In order for a potential Client to be interested in your services, it is necessary to approach the content of the site with all seriousness.

The texts on the site should:

Improve website visibility
be useful to people;
stimulate sales.
Copywriting is the art of writing sales texts that show the company’s clear competitive advantage.

Text written by a good copywriter is readable, understandable, and arouses interest.

SEO copywriting – what is it?
When creating an ordinary text, you need to correctly present the material. The text should be readable and arouse interest. But when writing an SEO text, you should also consider a certain number of keywords, uniqueness and “nausea”.

SEO texts are needed not only to improve website visibility. Optimization is also aimed at making the text as useful as possible for the user. To understand what SEO copywriting is, let’s take a closer look at its goals and requirements for SEO texts.

SEO Copywriting Goals
SEO texts are placed on promoted sites. Accordingly, the goals of SEO copywriting:

Website promotion in search engines for queries based on specific keywords. Well-chosen keys, their optimal density in the text, correctly placed tags are the key to success. Also, do not forget about the grammatical and stylistic component of the text.
Increased conversion of site visitors to real buyers. The effect will be achieved only in the case of a complete and detailed communication of information.

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High-quality communication and ease of perception. Users often do not read the information completely, but only glance at what is written, so the task of the copywriter is to draw the attention of the reader to the most important information. To do this, key phrases and abstracts are highlighted using headings and lists.

Simply put, the text posted on the site is needed not only to enter keywords in it. The content of the site becomes its face. Therefore, content is the point of contact with the audience. If the site will host useless, uninformative, unreadable texts, people on such a site will not be delayed. And vice versa: if the text on the site works with the objections of visitors, answers questions, helps make a choice in favor of the company, this will lead to conversion actions. That is, people will trust the site, the company, make a purchase and become customers.

The content posted on your site should be exclusive, because the first thing that search engines pay attention to is the uniqueness of the text. Search engines index and remember pages with unique content. And if it duplicates the content of another site, then it is highly likely that your site will fall under the filter. To determine uniqueness, there are many computer programs and online services. Copywriting exchanges usually only accept texts with a uniqueness of 90%. Users also avoid duplicate content, preferring original and useful information.

Keywords and phrases (keys)
Keys – requests of the target audience you are interested in. That is, these are the words that they enter into the search engine and by which they find your site in the search results. The task of the copywriter is to write a unique and interesting text using keywords with the necessary frequency.

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The frequency of using keywords and phrases in the text is called nausea. The rate of nausea varies within 3-7% of the total volume of the text. The customer can indicate the repetition rate and the number of keys in percentage terms or as a specific figure.

The specified keys should be distributed evenly, match the content of the text and look natural.

There are 2 types of key entry:

direct – keys are not changed or broken using other words;
indirect – you can slightly change the keys, dilute with some punctuation marks and in other words, swap the key words, incline by cases.

If you use all the keys in direct convergence, the text will look unnatural. Only inexperienced copywriters do this, creating a “seashny canvas.” All keys should look organic in the text.

Using tags and typography
Possession of html markup tags is one of the main indicators of professionalism of an SEO copywriter.

Tags are symbols that are used for hypertext markup of pages on a site. They turn text written by a copywriter into website content. A tag is a letter or a word with brackets “<” and “>”. The opening tag is located at the beginning of the selected text fragment. The closing tag is at the end of the fragment.

For easier perception, it is necessary to divide the text into paragraphs, make headings and subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, etc.

SEO Copywriter: Key Specialist Skills
Unlike a regular copywriter, an SEO copywriter writes texts that are not only useful and interesting for the user, but also adapted to search engines such as Google. One of the main tasks of an SEO copywriter is to place key phrases in a text so that it remains natural and does not lose its semantic component.

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Therefore, if you are looking for an SEO copywriter, be sure to look at its portfolio. The most useful will be examples of work on your topic.

SEO text should not be just text. It is important whether it helps the business achieve its goals.

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