What really helps against broken hair in winter


What really helps against broken hair in winter

1. Anti-frizz
Dry heating air and freezing cold make hair brittle and prone to frizz. Hydrating care products are therefore now mandatory! Apply a rich treatment to lengths and ends at least once a week and leave on for 20-30 minutes. A warm towel turban enhances the effect. After drying, seal the tips with some wax or styling cream. This protects them from scratchy winter clothing and thus from split ends.

2. Volume
The following tricks help to ensure that the hair does not flatten out despite the cap: loosen the “cap hair” briefly with your fingers and spray a touch of volume spray into the roots. Dry shampoo is an alternative . Worked into the roots, it makes greasy spots disappear and conjures up instant volume at the same time. If you like, you can also move your parting to the other side. Flattened hair straightens up again.


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3. Anti-dandruff
If it is cold outside, sebum production goes on strike and the scalp becomes dry. Even if you are normally spared the annoying scalp problem, you can still get freezing cold in winter. Anti-dandruff shampoos help restore balance to the scalp.

4. Powered up
Synthetics and dryness literally make hair stand on end in winter. If you don’t have any styling cream at hand, you can get the problem under control with hand or face cream. Distribute a dollop in the palms of your hands and smooth over your hair. Or: Rub your palms warm and let them slide over your hair. The static charge is thus neutralized. By the way, dryer sheets have the same effect.

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5. Kink in optics
If you put on a cap immediately after blow-drying, you have to expect unsightly marks. It is therefore essential to let the hair cool down so that it can calm down.

1 Satin or silk covers over the pillow are less likely to wick moisture from hair and roughen the cuticle than cotton.

2 To ensure that fine hair is not weighed down by care residues, the conditioner should be used BEFORE the shampoo.

3 If you prefer to mix it yourself, mix a small handful of crushed mint and rosemary with some conditioner. Rinse thoroughly after ten minutes!

4 brushes and combs made of natural materials, such as boar bristles or horn, give extra shine and prevent flyaway hair.

5 The cold air stage of the hair dryer shortens the cooling process. A positive side effect: You can only tell if your hair is actually dry when it has cooled down. If you dare to step out the door in winter with (residual) damp hair, you have to reckon with Haarbuch.

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