What should you consider when wearing heels?


What should you consider when wearing heels?

We all know they are not good for our feet. But they feel right with certain outfits. What can we do to keep our feet from hurting as little as possible?

The prom dress that makes them feel like the only right choice. The business outfit that should give you self-confidence and a more upright position, or simply going out for the first time after quarantine, where you want to feel a little special: sometimes it has to be shoes with heels. And we know that these are not necessarily good for us. Almost all women probably know the pain at the end of the evening when all you can think about is finally being able to take off those shoes.

Other statics
Shoes with heels bring several problems with them: They change the statics of the body, so we have to balance our balance differently, push our back more and thus get a hollow back posture. This is not a problem for a short time, but in the long term it is uncomfortable for the spine. Béatrice Drach-Schauer is a foot and running trainer, sports science consultant and university lecturer and knows: “The dose makes the poison! I don’t believe in issuing bans. You should just make sure not to wear high heels or shoes with heels every day wear it. That would be too tiring for the feet and also the spine. At the weekend for a few hours is no problem. ”

The top wellness tips for healthy feet
Massage feet regularly after showering in the evening
Walk barefoot on different surfaces as often as possible (across the meadow, also over gravel or a little in the snow)
Massage the bottom of the foot with a spiked ball to stimulate circulation

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In addition to the changed posture, many high heels have an additional problem. In fact, they are very narrow at the front, which is why the forefoot and toes have too little space. The more pointed the shoe is at the front, the more problematic it is anatomically. In addition, when walking, you constantly slide forward a little, which is due to the heels, and this often causes your toes to dig in. This is also the reason why you often have severe pain in your toes in the evening.

The expert has an extra tip: “Anyone who likes to wear higher shoes should make sure that their toenails are not too long, otherwise they will stick to the front of the shoes and cause severe pain and can become infected. Especially in that area In this case, you should definitely invest in a pedicure, especially if you spend a lot of time in tight shoes.”

break for the feet
After wearing them, you should do something good for your feet and be barefoot for a while. Ideally, you would walk briefly through a piece of meadow. Béatrice Drach-Schauer reveals what she does when she’s wearing heels: “I take my foot in my hand and notice that it’s often very stiff after I’ve worn heeled shoes. Then I massage the foot with the hand and briefly move each joint of the toes. I also sometimes take a hedgehog ball, place my foot on it and roll out the sole of my foot with it. This is good for the foot and activates it again.”

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break the habit
What you hear again and again is that people argue that high heels are good for them because flat shoes hurt them. The pain comes from the fact that the muscles in the calf are already shortened. If this is the case, then it is not recommended to immediately switch to flat shoes and suffer pain. The calf muscles must be built up slowly. For this you should change to flat shoes regularly, go barefoot a lot and slowly train yourself into flat shoes. The expert recommends wearing running shoes with flat shoes.

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