What to do if the menstrual cup gets stuck?


What to do if the menstrual cup gets stuck?

Menstrual cups get stuck more often than you think. What to do if the thing doesn’t want to come out anymore?
Have you ever wondered if a menstrual cup can get stuck in your vagina? Yes, it’s possible. And it happens even more often than you think. Just like tampons or slipped condoms, menstrual cups can of course “disappear” in your vagina.

But do not panic, because the vaginal canal is not an infinite universe, but actually relatively short and narrow, which is why it is impossible for the menstrual cup to get lost in your body. At the latest when you reach the cervix, the journey of your cup is over. But what to do when the cap is stuck?
keep Calm

The first step to getting a stubborn cup out is to stay calm and relax your vaginal muscles. That sounds easier than done because when something is stuck in the body, relaxation is not the typical response. Tension and cramps only make it worse. Therefore: take a deep breath and relax.

The right position

Try to find a position that allows you to easily remove the menstrual cup . A vertical or upright position brings the cup down. Squatting or squatting can also help get the cup back down.

Squeeze the cup

First try to press down the cup with your pelvic floor muscles . If that doesn’t work, you can also try enclosing the frame of the cup with your index finger and thumb and then squeezing it. The cup should then be easy to execute.

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Don’t use tools

Only use your washed fingers and hands to pull out the cap. Don’t use any other tools. This can do more harm than good and can cause injury or infection .

Ask a doctor for help

If you are unable to remove the cup, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Because the longer the foreign body stays in your vagina, the easier it is for infections and irritation to develop. You don’t have to be embarrassed to see a doctor, because such incidents happen quite often.


When using a menstrual cup for the first time , take 5-10 minutes to read the cup description and instructions carefully.

And remember, no matter what, the cup can’t get inside your body and there’s always a way to get it out.

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