What to look for when choosing a Sports bra?


What to look for when choosing a Sports bra?

Every woman who does sports faces the problem of finding the right bra for her sport. Different breast and bra shapes already make it difficult to buy for everyday use.

If there are other aspects to consider, such as sweating or breasts bouncing up and down when jogging, an athlete can despair when buying a bustier. Tip: When riding a bike, you should also make sure you wear the ideal sports bra in addition to running – so that even longer bike tours remain comfortable!

Sports bra – what to look for when choosing a bra?

Concussion of the female breast under physical strain

Did you know that for a single kilometer of jogging at an average speed of 12 km/h, a woman’s breasts have to endure an average of 84 up and down movements?

The vertical change in the chest without protection is approx. 8.5 cm compared to the resting position. This was calculated by experts.

breast tissue and muscles

The missing musculature of the breasts and the associated stretching stress of the up and down movements without special protection weaken the connective tissue and the surrounding skin. This leads to sagging breasts.

The stretching of the tendons during these movements also triggers mild to severe chest pain, depending on the size of the breast. Permanent damage to the breast cannot be ruled out during these processes, such as those triggered by jogging, handball or other types of sport without protective protection.

Advantages of a sports bra

A sports bra offers the following advantages, among others:

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Protection of the chest through support function
wearing comfort
wide waistband without underwire
almost seamless cup area.
Other advantages are the more or less padded straps in different widths, which prevent cutting.

On some models, these are attached crosswise, which means that they do not slip down.

Material and closure
A woman always wants to feel comfortable in her bustier. But as different as the figure is, so are the demands, also on a sports bra. Some like it soft and stretchy, while others prefer a very tight fit. Some don’t like having to pull a tight-fitting bra over their head, so only regular hook-and-eye closures come into question for them.

Still other women don’t trust Velcro fasteners and so in the end every woman has to find the bra that suits her.

A so-called bra-top model, a running top with an integrated bra, also offers high wearing comfort. The mesh structure of the material has a compression effect and provides additional support in the chest area. It is also very breathable and promotes air balance in the stomach and back area.

What should women pay attention to when buying?
As with all underwear purchases, getting the right size is the most important factor. The circumference of the body under the breast is measured as a measure for the bra. The chest circumference at the widest point is decisive for the cup size.

Specialist salespeople use these two values ??to calculate the size of the cup. This is given in letters, with A describing the smallest size.

In order to rule out scratching from the outset, it is important to ensure that the seams are well finished. The higher the proportion of elastane, the tighter the fabric. A bra should always be comfortable the first time you put it on.

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Sports bras are now divided into levels of wear and tear in specialist sports shops. This classification, noted on the packaging, is broken down as follows:

low (suitable for yoga, pilates etc.)
medium (suitable for Nordic Walking, Zumba, Nia etc.)
strong (wearable for ball sports)
particularly strong (for loads when jogging).
The label on the bustier says whether the bra is suitable for washing in the washing machine.

In order to avoid damaging the substance, one should adhere to this information.

Individual women prefer different bras, whether for everyday life or for sports. Various sports bras for all common sports offer pleasant wearing comfort and healthy support. For the sake of your chest, you shouldn’t do without it. Important: Depending on the type of sport and the extent of your sporting activities, you should think about it in advance and possibly try several bras to find out which fit offers you the most comfort!

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