What you should know about bladder infections


What you should know about bladder infections

There are some things you can do to prevent it. Drinking cranberry juice is not one of them.

Unfortunately, most of us know it: You feel constant pressure on your bladder, peeing burns terribly, you feel KO and freeze quickly, sometimes it is accompanied by slight nausea. Clear case: cystitis. There are many myths surrounding bladder infections about what helps and what doesn’t. Linda Cardozo is a urologist and cleans up some things for Buzzfeed .

Anyone can get a bladder infection
Only women can get cystitis. Not correct! But it is often women who get cystitis, but not only. The reason women are more susceptible than men is that the urinary tract is much shorter and closer to the anus. As a result, bacteria do not have such a long way to get to the bladder.

Drinking water really helps
When you notice the first symptoms of a bladder infection, it would be important to start drinking as much water as you possibly can right away. This minimizes the pain when urinating. And when we write water, we mean water. Many other drinks can make symptoms worse, including white wine, coffee, diet drinks, Prosecco, and so on. If you are in pain for a longer period of time or if the pain gets worse, you should definitely see a doctor, otherwise the inflammation can spread to your kidneys.

Cranberry juice doesn’t help
There’s an urban legend you’ve probably all heard: that cranberry juice helps. Unfortunately, this is not true. However, it is true that there are ingredients in cranberries (specifically proanthocyanidin) that may help. However, because juices are so diluted, this ingredient is almost completely absent, and adding sugar can make your symptoms even worse. So stay away from cranberry juice! However, there are cranberry pills and cranberry extracts that can really help. You can get them at the pharmacy.

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Now is not the time for thongs and thongs
It probably doesn’t need to be said because it communicates well-being, but when you have a bladder infection it’s not the time to wear your sexy lingerie like polyester thongs. You should also avoid tight pants and tights. Wear breathable cotton underwear. Tight underwear made from synthetic materials provides the perfect setting for a bacteria party. And you really don’t want that in this situation.

Pee after sex
First things first. You should always pee after sex. Directly after. This is because penetration can massage bacteria in your urinary tract up into your bladder. So if you get a cystitis after sex, it doesn’t mean your partner gave it to you, just that things got moving down there. However, peeing after sex will get rid of the bacteria and organisms that may be making their way into your bladder.

Wash your sex toys regularly
This is a rule that is important for many reasons! But especially when it comes to bladder infections, this simple measure can reduce the risk of infection. And your vaginal flora will thank you too! So always pay attention to cleanliness.

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