When do I have to change motorcycle tyres?


When do I have to change motorcycle tyres?

The motorcycle tire is the vehicle’s only connection to the road. Driving behavior therefore depends to a large extent on the quality and condition of the tyre. For your own safety, you should be able to identify worn tires quickly and reliably so that you can arrange for replacements in good time. If you take a few tips into account here, you will make a decisive contribution to driving comfort and safety.

How long do motorcycle tires last?
How long the motorcycle tires last depends on factors such as the tire quality, your driving style and the tire type. With touring tyres , you can expect a service life of around 14,000 km . If you use sports tires for a more dynamic driving style, you can expect a service life of around 6000 km . With a normal driving style in urban traffic, motorcycle tires should be replaced about every five years . These are guide values, because the actual condition of the tire on your motorcycle is always decisive for the change.

What is the prescribed wear limit?
Assessing tire condition is not a subjective matter. In fact, the legislator defines wear limits that must be observed in any case. If a profile is so worn that it falls below the wear limit, the tire may no longer be used. The corresponding regulations can be found in §36 StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations). After that, a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm is stipulated. If your tire approaches this limit, you should consider replacing it.

Changing motorcycle tyres: How to measure the tread depth?
Tread depth is measured by inserting a dipstick into the main groove of the center tread area. You can then use the dipstick to see how much tread is left and whether the motorcycle tires need to be changed.

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How can worn tires be recognized?
Worn motorcycle tires show typical signs of aging. A worn tread is, of course, the surest sign that the tire is getting old. If the tire shows uneven wear , this indicates mechanical problems. If a motorcycle tire has cracks in the material that are visible to the naked eye, then you need to change it immediately.

How is the age of the tires determined?
You can determine the age of your motorcycle tire using the DOT number . You can find this on the sidewall of the tire or on the purchase receipt. It is a four-digit number. The first two digits indicate the week of manufacture, the last two digits indicate the year of production.

How to change motorcycle tires?
You can change your tires yourself at any time. All you need is the right wrench for removing the tire. The work can also be done professionally in the car workshop. The mechanics are often better able to assess the actual condition of the tire and whether it needs to be replaced. In any case, you should take the motorcycle to the workshop every five years.

What are the costs for new tyres?
When changing tires, there are costs for the hours worked and for the purchase of the new tires. Assume an average total cost of between around 100 and 300 euros . However, significantly more money can also be invested in changing tires. Basically, you should not save on the motorcycle tires.

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