Why Companies Recognize that Diversity is needed

Why Companies Recognize that Diversity is needed

It’s 2022 and many companies are still promoting diversity – if at all – to the outside world, but actually not really living it. We asked founder and management consultant Rita Isiba why this is no longer possible.

It’s 2022 and many companies are still promoting diversity – if at all – to the outside world, but actually not really living it. People with a migration background often still have a hard time looking for a job, and the proportion of women, especially in management , leaves a lot to be desired.

We asked Rita Isiba why this finally has to change, what companies can do for more diversity and to what extent diversity can be a competitive advantage . sheis the founder and managing director of the Frontiers of Dialogue Forum s and Aphropean Partners and advises companies on the topics of future, work and commitment.

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Rita Isiba: Social diversity in the workplace creates friction. It forces people to work harder and makes them less confident.

Gender diversity is an important part of the topic of diversity. In many companies, however, this has not been the case so far. To what extent do companies benefit from gender diversity or a higher proportion of women?

Whether it’s creating a culture of innovation or improving organizational performance, it has been proven time and time again that gender equality and diversity bring a whole host of benefits. We’ve spent too much time raising awareness. Now, in times of COVID-19, it is time to act.

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Has the corona crisis caused a step backwards in terms of diversity/equality in the world of work? What can we learn from the crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic is hurting working women more than men. In previous crises, it was mainly white-collar workers and male-dominated industries where jobs disappeared. But COVID-19 has hit faster and harder those who are most vulnerable in society – those who work in lower-paid positions; in sectors like retail, hospitality and tourism that have been essentially shut down by COVID lockdowns. And the workforce in these sectors is disproportionately female. However, we can turn our challenges into opportunities. However, the crisis gives us reason to be optimistic: After the Great Recession of 2008, the rate of female entrepreneurship shot up worldwide, and the same could happen if

Why is diversity a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes?

It’s a proven fact that diversity increases sales, improves productivity, stimulates creativity and fosters innovation. However, there are a few caveats: Introducing diversity into formerly homogeneous teams increases conflict. Only mature teams – not young or immature teams – benefit from diversity.

How can companies achieve a productive overall atmosphere in the company, prevent social discrimination against minorities and improve equal opportunities?

The person responsible for the workforce must be competent to manage conflict, create a culture of inclusion and make organizational changes where needed to support diversity. This is hard work.

How do applicants recognize that diversity is lived in the company?

Many companies are cutting corners, investing heavily in high-quality hiring and employer branding, but little in the culture change needed to support a diverse workforce.

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Women and minority professionals are drawn to a company’s diverse image and soon realize how different the reality is from the polished exterior they’ve been sold.

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