Why do we need less sleep in summer?


Why do we need less sleep in summer?

Who knows the phenomenon in summer: you suddenly wake up an hour before the alarm clock rings. Going back to sleep is not an option because, surprisingly, you are actually alert and fit.

More happiness and sleep hormones
The reason for this is the sun. Not only the one that pours into our bedroom, but also the one we are exposed to throughout the day. Due to the amount of sunlight that we absorb, more of the sleep hormone melatonin and the happiness hormone serotonin are produced in our body. Serotonin, the happiness hormone, ensures that we feel fit, happy and alert throughout the day. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is responsible for the fact that we get really tired in the evening and sleep well accordingly.

Restful sleep
Because if we’re not struggling with five tropical nights in a row, we sleep better in the summer. This is due to the extra exercise, the lighter meals and the fresh air because we are spending more time outside. In order to be able to enjoy restful sleep even in hot temperatures, the following mistakes should be avoided:

Sport late in the evening

At least four hours before going to bed, you should not do any strenuous exercise. Because that stimulates the circulation and means that you don’t get tired. Of course, it’s tempting when the temperatures are hot to postpone exercise until later when it cools down – but it can mean that you don’t sleep well.

Cold drinks before bed

You shouldn’t have any drinks that are too cold or ice-cold before you go to bed. The cold drinks cause your body temperature to drop and your body works hard to compensate. Sweating inevitable.

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Sleeping without clothes or a blanket

Those who are not afraid of monsters at night may find it tempting to sleep naked and without a blanket. Every fiber of fabric generates heat, one thinks. In fact, this is not recommended at all. Without textiles, the sweat of the skin is not absorbed. During dream sleep, the body is not able to regulate its own temperature and you can catch cold even in summer through the layer of sweat on your body. Hello cold or summer flu.

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