Why men should also keep an eye on their fertility


Why men should also keep an eye on their fertility

The medical director and founder of the fertility center at Vienna Dr. Heinz Strohmer speaks of a sperm crisis in which men find themselves. Because in 55.1% of couples the reason for unwanted childlessness is the man. What’s it all about?

If a couple’s desire to have children remains unfulfilled, the first point of contact is usually the gynaecologist. Before the man is clarified, the woman is often put through her paces. And this despite the fact that 55.1% of the reasons for unwanted childlessness lie with the man and the woman is the reason for it in only 14.8%.

A trend reversal is slowly becoming apparent in this practice and men’s fertility is also becoming more important, as medical director and founder of the ViennaDr. Heinz Strohmer knows: “The first point of contact when you are unable to have a child is usually the gynecologist. This means that the first clarification steps are initiated with the woman, also because the man is often not present at these first appointments. This is now happening but more and more the involvement of the man and the associated referral to the spermiogram by gynecologists.”

The Sperm Crisis
This is especially important because men are becoming increasingly infertile. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) confirms this decrease in sperm concentration. Just 50 years ago, the average per milliliter of ejaculate was 100 million sperm cells – today it is only between 20 and 6 million.

Strohmer even goes so far as to describe the current situation as a sperm crisis and has some tips on how men could improve their sperm quality through their lifestyle: “We keep pointing out how bad nicotine abuse, lack of exercise, obesity, poor nutrition etc. are affects the quality of the semen. All these factors not only have an impact on fertility , but also on the general health of men. Especially now in the pandemic, it is important to attach importance to a healthy lifestyle, despite the restricted movement and the need to cook for yourself.”

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prefer the desire to have children
While it used to be said that men can father children into old age, this perception is changing in medicine. Current studies are increasingly concerned with the question of what effects older men can have on children. Professor Strohmer explains: “This shows an increased susceptibility to illness in children fathered by older men. Under certain circumstances, this effect can be alleviated by an appropriate lifestyle, but the study results still have to be awaited.” He advises preferring to have children and not waiting too long if you want to have children.

Vaccination instead of disease
In addition to enough exercise, a normal body weight and not smoking, Strohmer recommends a balanced diet consisting of a mixed diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, little red meat and lots of fish instead. He also clearly recommends the Covid-19 vaccination for men who want to have children in the future, since a Covid-19 infection is highly likely to lead to reduced fertility.

dr Strohmer explains: “We have indications that Covid can damage the testicles and impair fertility. This is not surprising, since a greatly increased body temperature also leads to months of reduced sperm quality in other diseases. It is therefore important to prevent such an infection by vaccination for patients who wish to have children.”

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