Why you should have a podcast for your new business


Why you should have a podcast for your new business

In our fast-paced world, we have to keep adapting to certain trends and, above all, use the existing technologies to grow our business.

After the big hype of the blogs, which are still of great relevance today, the time of the vlogs came – video was now an integral part of the marketing of every company.

And then, not too long ago, podcasts sprouted from every corner.

Today there are podcasts on every topic – and the question has even arisen as to whether the podcast market is already oversaturated.

Here are our arguments why you as a start-up entrepreneur should definitely consider a podcast!

The Benefits of Podcasting

The perfect alternative to videos and blogs

Especially at the beginning of your start-up phase, do you perhaps not yet have a budget for expensive video equipment, or are you just one of those people who don’t like to show themselves? And blogging regularly isn’t an option for you either, because you just don’t like to write – then you can simply fall back on podcasts.

They give you the opportunity to get in touch with your target group verbally and offer a relaxed form of entertainment.

You reach new target groups with ease

How much the algorithms of social media really limit us is hard to say, but with podcasts it’s like a newsletter or a video channel – your subscribers are always notified of new episodes. The only hurdle that could stand in your way is yourself – no more algorithm.

In addition, the popularity of podcasts is growing steadily, and for very simple reasons: While your target group has to read a blog post or watch a video, podcast content can be consumed while walking, jogging, on the way to work, doing housework, etc. be consumed. Not only do you allow your target audience to listen to you more easily, you are a welcome distraction from otherwise boring or tiring activities – many will love you for that!

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You can improve your own skills

Maybe you don’t like speaking in front of people. Maybe it was always torture to give your presentations in front of the class when you were at school and you’ve lived with the belief that you’re just not a good speaker ever since.

Podcasts can help here too, because over time you will automatically become more confident when speaking and who knows, maybe a video channel or even speaking gigs are waiting for you after all?

Voice builds more trust than the written word

Blogs are wonderful, and some people just prefer reading an article to hearing an anecdote.

Nevertheless, people build trust faster when they can hear or see a person – the success of video marketing is no accident.

And what happens once we trust someone? We’re more likely to buy the products that person recommends to us—that’s the whole influencer marketing model, too.

A survey of podcast listeners found that 63% of listeners buy products recommended to them in podcasts.

And how should I start now?

At this point you would probably like to start a podcast, but don’t know where to start?

We often hear that the software is too complicated, you also have to be able to edit and in general – it’s all so cumbersome. But it’s not that complicated, and besides, we exist!

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